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Related article: Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2003 03:03:40 EDT From: Subject: After The End- Part IIIf you are under 18, leave now please. Otherwise, enjoy part II! After that little "incident," I helped Crystal with her cart and gave her the robe, and I led her back to my house. On the way she explained how she got here. "I was a scientist in Nevada, doing radioactive researching. When we got word that nuclear war would probably break out soon, our director decided that it would be a good idea if we began trying to find ways to survive after a nuclear blast." She pointed towards the bright blue suit, we she stowed in the cart. "That suit was one of our developments. The plastic material is one of the few substances that sheilds whatever it's covering from the harmful effects of radiation." "Amazing," I said, marvelling. I noticed now that the cart too, was covered in the blue plastic. "As you can see, I've covered most everything with it." "Yeah. Were you the only one left alive after the war?" "No. My entire team was in a bomb shelter we had constructed when the blasts came. After a few days, when everything seemed quiet and we figured no one might be left alive, we sent one of our team to go out in one of the suits to look. When he came back, he said that no one in the immediate vicinity was alive. We didn't know what we should do after that." I pressed her on. "So what did you do?" "Well," she continued, "That's when our director came up with a plan. He suggested Great Lolitas Bbs that each of us take a suit, pack some supplies with us, leave the shelter, and travel in different directions across the country, to see if anyone was left. I went south, one member went towards California, another went north Towards Montana, and so on." "I see. But what if you ran out of supplies before you found anyone? You or any one of you could die." "Well theres not much to live for now anyway, is there?" I couldn't fault her on that. "I guess so." "But," she said, "We have these transmitters." She paused now to open the cart up, and out of it she took a thing that looked kind of like a radio to me. "With these, we can beep in to each other, and with it we can tell if we're all still alive. There were six of us. But lately there are only five beeps. I guess one of us is gone. I could also tell where another member is if I could, but we said we wouldn't do that until we found somewhere habitable." I took her hand and said, "Well you've found somewhere now. I've been living here for the last six months after the war's end, and i'm still alive and kicking." I gave her palm a squeeze. "Just really lonely." She smiled. "As soon as we get to your home, i'll contact our director, he's the one who went to California and he should be closest. If it's alright with you, of course. I mean, do you have enough food to support six people for the rest of our lives?" "As long as i'm not alone anymore I don't care if there isn't. I'm just tired of being here by myself with nothing to do but wait to die of misery." Crystal looked up at me with her deep brown eyes. I felt like I was staring at the most intricate patterns of the bark of the darkest oak tree. They were filled with sadness. "I know how you mean. It was so horrible out there. I felt like I was the only life left on earth, and I was damned to be left alone, forever surrounded by dead bodies, burned homes and complete ruin." She was staring at me intently now, it seemed almost as if she were never blinking. "I almost took my own life but I knew there had to be someone else left alive, that there had to be something good left." Then she breathed deeply and lay her head on my breast, putting her arms around me. I felt a rush of compassion and love go through me as I held this woman in my hands. A tear made its way down my cheek. She sighed again. "And I was right. Thank you for staying alive." I found nothing to say, so I just stood there with her, holding her and s troking her hair, breathing her scent of sweat and earth. Then, we pulled away, I picked up the cart handle, and we continued on through the valley toward my home. When we arrived, I parked the cart beside the front steps. She took the transmitter out of it, and then we went inside. "You must be tired," I said. "Please, sit down and i'll get you something to drink. I only have water though." "Water sounds great," she said, sounding relieved I actually had some. "All i've had to drink is the dirty warm water from canteens." "Well even though there's no electricity, it's still pretty cool in the basement, so I think it's at least a little cool." I got us both some water and I sat down with her to drink. She looked around and asked, "So you've been here by yourself for the last six months?" "Yep." "It has to be hard." "Yeah. I mean, I do have plenty of food, it's just the lonliness that kills." She nodded. "Well, i'd better contact my director so he can come here as fast as possible." She started to get up to get it, but I got up and brought it to her instead. She smiled. "Thank you." Crystal sat for awhile, playing with some buttons and stuff that I had no idea about, and after a moment she spoke into the speaker. "Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?" About a minute passed. Then, to my amazement, a male voice answered. "Hello? Crystal is that you?!" She grinned. "Rob, thank God you're alive! Listen, you won't belive it....." She went on talking, and I decided to make myself decent. I quietly excused myself and went to my room to put on some clothes. It actually felt odd to wear clothes again. I laughed to myself as I thought this. A few minutes later, I came back into the living room, dressed in black jeans(no panties), and a slightly loose fitting button down shirt. I also took the liberty of getting some clothes for her, too. She was still talking to Rob, her director, I assumed. There was a look of astonishment on her face. "Amazing! But I guess it does make sense. Are you sure traveling is safe?" "Totally sure," the voice on the other end answered. "As long as we're wearing the suits, driving a car should be ok. And it's been in the valley too, so it's not tainted with radiation." "Great. She said. We'll look for your coming. Be careful!" Then she shut the machine off. She looked at me with hope shining through on her face. I sat down next to her. "Well," I asked, "What happened?" She said, "I told him about finding the valley and that a woman was alive in it. I told him that he could come here, but then he Great Lolitas Bbs told me that he too has found a valley just outside California that's a lot like this one, except there is a small community there, with at least 150 people in it. And they've all managed to stay alive too. He had contacted most of the other members of our team and was about to find me when I called." "That's great!" "That's not the greatest part. The people in the valley had cars that hadn't been used in months, so they were still full of gas and ready to drive, and he's going to drive one of them here to pick us up and take us with him!" I almost cried. "That's the most wonderful news i've ever heard!" She giggled and pulled me in for a tight hug. I looked at her, seriously and said, "Thank you so much. You just saved me." A tear leaked from her left eye. "Man," she sniffled. "Do you know how long it's been since I've felt this good?" I looked down at her beautiful body, clad only in my silk lavender robe. I licked my lips. "I wonder if I can make you feel even better," I uttered, tracing small patterns near her collarbone. Crystal looked at me with passion in her eyes. Then she closed her eyes and leaned into me, and I leaned into her, and we shared a passionate and wonderful kiss that was our first. That first kiss evoled into a second, that was more urgent, and I reached down to undo her robe. Suddenly she broke away, and there was worry in her pretty face. "I've known you for three hours," She laughed. "And I feel that this is right, but.....i'm scared. I don't know what to do." I wanted to ask what about earlier but I realized that had basically been me humping on her. "It will come to you when it's time. Just let your instincts guide you. Trust me. I've done this before," I said, reassuring her. But never had I done this with someone who in so little time, was starting to mean so much to me. Maybe it was the fact that I hadn't been with anyone for so long, but I was definitly feeling something I never had before. But now was not the time to think. All I had to do now was listen to my feelings. I put my lips to hers, and we shared another kiss, this one more lustful, more urgent than ever before. I finished unbelting her robe, and slowly drew it apart. Her breasts, now that I was looking at them more intently, Great Lolitas Bbs were beautiful. They were round and full, but not huge, and her nipples were short and perked. I leaned down, and took one in my mouth, and gently began to suck. She sighed heavily with pleasure and shook off the robe completely. Following her example, I undid my jeans and slid them off. She leaned back, lying down on the sofa, and I alternated between sucking and nibbling at her sensitive buds. She was sighing and her chest was heaving up and down as her breathing got harder and harder. When I decided she was ready, I slid down her body, dipping my tongue in her navel for a brief second, then continuing down. She parted her legs for me, just wide enough so that my face could get in between. I got in front of her pussy and looked up at her. There was arousel in her eyes, but also just a hint being scared. I gave her a small smile, trying to quail her fears. Then I looked her her pussy. It was wet; her lips flared out like a beautiful orchid, and her clitoris stuck out, and I immediatly wanted to suck it. My tongue slid up in between her pussy lips, tasting her sweet juices, and carressing her clit with my tongue gently at first, then harder, kissing it and wrapping my mouth around it. Crystal moaned loudly, her hands were on my head, pushing me harder into her sex. One, then two of my fingers pushed their way into her pussy, and I began to slide them in and out of her, pumping her hard with my fingers, still licking and sucking her delicious clit. She was moaning frantically now, writhing on the sofa and moving her hips up and down. I wanted so badly to give her the release she needed. I moved my other hand up to her small asshole, and tickled it gently, while sucking her clit as hard as I could. It was then Crystal finally arched her back and screamed long and loud, as her orgasm swept her away like a tidal wave. "Ohhhhh, ohhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh God aarrrrgghh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She cried. I didn't stop, I kept licking and licking until she pushed me away and brought me up into her arms. "Please...stop...i'm too sensitive right now.....oh God..." she panted. "I.....I...." I looked at her, longing for her to finish what she was trying to say. "I...I want to make you feel the same way," She breathed. Just then all of my senses were seized and held tightly, and I could do nothing but feel as her fingers entered me forcefully, and she slowly began moving them in and out of me. "Ohhhhhhhh," I Great Lolitas Bbs groaned, and we swiched places, with me on my back, and her on top of me. She sat up between my thighs and fingered me hard. I brought my hands up and hastily unbuttoned my shirt, Great Lolitas Bbs exposing my rather large breasts. She leaned back down and started sucking them like I had to her, only she sucked harder. I moved my hand onto her back, caressing her as she pleasured me, and I got ever nearer to my climax. It came slowly, as she fucked me harder, and harder. "Ooooooooo," I moaned, as it came, "Oh, Oh! Aaaahh yes! Aaaaahaaaa ohhh God yeah, ohhh." Never before had an orgasm been so intense, so pleasurable, and caused so many feelings inside me. As my vagina exploded, my heart too, exploded, with so many new emotions erupting in me. Emotions that couldn't be given any name except Love. And it was for Crystal. Oh my God, I thought, as I finally came down from my orgasm, I'm in love with her. I wanted to tell her more than anything right then, but as soon as my breathing returned to normal, she kissed me long and deep. I closed my eyes and kissed back; we could talk about our feelings later, I decided. I didn't know how she felt about me and I couldn't ruin this moment. "Thank you," I whispered. "I've never felt so good." She lay her head on my breast, playing with my hair. "Thank you. No one's ever made me feel like you have." We kissed softly once more, and then settled down to sleep. As I drifted off, feeling her soft skin, I remember thinking that life had turned around. Nothing could spoil this fastly budding relationship. At least nothing did until the next day.Stay tuned for the third and perhaps final part of this story! Questions and/or comments are always welcome at
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